About Vaping

Looking for a healthier alternative to cigarettes without the tar and chemicals? Check out what an Electronic Cigarette can do for you and your family. An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette, ecig, or personal vaporizer, is a battery powered device that emulates the act of smoking. You hold a button down while taking a draw on the device (just like a normal cigarette), a delivery system attached to the battery such as a clearomiser, atomizer, or tank system vaporizes a nicotine or non-nicotine liquid known as e-liquid or e-juice that is then transformed into a smoke-like vapor that the user inhales.

About - Anytime Vapors

Anytime Vapors got its start in early 2013. It all began as a booth in a flea market. Hagglers Flea Market in Hamilton, ON. every Sunday we were there selling 15ml bottles of e-juice and pen style starter mods. In 2014 the first brick and mortar retail location opened at 411 Barton Street East in Hamilton. The second location at 1171 Upper James st. in Hamilton, opened for business in late 2015. The third location 76 Main Street west in Grimsby had their grand opening on Jan 2nd 2017. The latest location 222 King St. East in Hamilton opened mid 2017. With no signs of slowing down any time soon, we still stay loyal too our roots, and you can still find our booth at the flea market every Sunday !

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