There are so many flavours to try and for some people having a variety of flavours to vape is like having different flavours in your meals, it’s just a necessity. Being able to change up your flavours is a big advantage to vaping so why not pop by and grab one of these must-try E-liquids for winter 2020!

Please note, due to Covid-19 restrictions in-shop testing is currently suspended.

Illusions Horizon Series – RED DAWN

Sweet peach with crisp apple and a hint of strawberry is one

of the newest flavours from illusions and a big hit. Available in freebase and Nic Salts.

Lemon Killaz – Primal Squeeze

The magical combo of strawberry kiwi and watermelon is brought back to life with a splash of lemonade creating the perfect squeeze on your taste buds! Available in freebase and Nic Salts.

Fruitbae – BANANA

Sweet banana served up with an icy cool finish, simple and delicious!

Finished with a cool exhale. Available in Freebase and Nic Salts.

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